AVW10 -10th Aquatic Virus Workshop- June 27-July 1, 2021 Kyoto, Japan

List of ODP

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ODP Group A

Presentation ID Presenter (Country) Title
ODP_A_01 Carlos Omar Lomeli-Ortega
Isolation and characterization of vibriophage SrVc9: an effective agent in preventing V. campbellii infections
ODP_A_02 Juan Manuel Martinez Villalobos
Characterization and complete genome sequence of a novel bacteriophage vB_Vc_SrVc2 that infects Vibrio campbellii
ODP_A_03 Bernardo Veyrand Quiros
Effect of phage vB_Pd_PDCC-1 during hatching of Seriola rivoliana eggs and its impact on microbial dynamics
ODP_A_04 Rui Dong
Aseptic culture adaptation of Cafeteria roenbergensis for viral infection and purification
ODP_A_05 Alice Levesque
Biological monitoring and designed ecosystems to enhance large-scale microalgae cultivation
ODP_A_06 Jan F Finke
Metatranscriptomic analysis of moribund oyster spat reveals the role of putative viral pathogens
ODP_A_07 Eduardo Quiroz Guzman
Assessment of bacteriophage vB_Pd_PDCC-1 on microbial dynamics during early development of Seriola rivoliana
ODP_A_08 Zeina Tariq Al-Ameeli
Different Predators Effect on Chlorovirus Amplification by Foraging on Zoochlorellae Containing P. bursaria
ODP_A_09 Maitham Ahmed Al-Sammak
Chlorovirus Chemotactic Agents attract Paramecium bursaria in Microcosm
ODP_A_10 Kevin Xu Zhong
Ribosomes in the Sea: A door to viral lysis in the microbial world
ODP_A_11 Anwar Alqattan
Transcriptomic Responses of Iron-limited Flavobacterium Dokdonia sp. to Viral Lysate
ODP_A_12 Sarah M. Schwenck
Insights into Viral-Induced Mortality Across an Upwelling Filament Within the California Current
ODP_A_13 Alaina R. Weinheimer
Hidden jumbo phages make waves in the global ocean
ODP_A_14 Christine N Palermo
Metagenomics reveals spatial, seasonal, and size-fraction partitioning of viruses in a freshwater embayment
ODP_A_15 Roger Carlson
Exploring Chlorovirus Diversity in the Alkaline Lakes of the Western Nebraska Sandhills
ODP_A_16 Jayadri S Ghosh
Pangenome analysis of chloroviruses
ODP_A_17 Carsten Guillaume Bruno Grupstra
Thermal stress triggers productive viral infection of a key coral reef symbiont
ODP_A_18 Anh D Ha
High Transcriptional Activity and Diverse Functional Repertoires of Giant Viruses in a Marine System
ODP_A_19 Lauren Howe-Kerr
Dynamics of symbiont-infecting dinoRNAVs over a reef-wide thermal stress event
ODP_A_20 Stephen Beckett
Viral lysis, grazing and unaccounted Prochlorococcus losses in diel population dynamics in the NPSG
ODP_A_21 Daniel Muratore
Infect While the Iron is Scarce: Nutrient-Explicit Phage-Bacteria Games
ODP_A_22 Tianyi Chang
Massive diversity of newly discovered replicating viruses in copepods implies a role in mortality
ODP_A_23 Rodrigo Rodrigues
Genomic analyses reveal an ‘open’ pan-genome of chloroviruses and a potential for genetic innovation of new isolates
ODP_A_24 Garry Duncan
Diversity of tRNA Clusters in the Chloroviruses

ODP Group B

Presentation ID Presenter (Country) Title
ODP_B_01 Kimberly Gacayon Garcia
Recombination between genomes of giant virus Marseilleviridae
ODP_B_02 Yuki Hongo
Integration of ssDNA fragment from an infectious virus in the genome of the diatom Chaetoceros tenuissimus
ODP_B_03 Yuto Kanda
Isolation of bacteriophages that could infect Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the freshwater environment
ODP_B_04 Michiko Takahashi
Diversity of dinoflagellate-infecting RNA viruses in marine sediment by RT-PCR using degenerate primer
ODP_B_05 Maho Yumiya
Isolation and characterization of a novel virus infecting hyperthermophilic archaeon Aeropyrum
ODP_B_06 Khalil Geballa-Koukoulas
Giant Viruses that Effect Aquatic Protists: Unraveling the Unique Gene Strand Bias of the Kaumoebaviruses.
ODP_B_07 Dean Andrew McKeown
Genomics of integrated Phaeoviruses in the brown algae
ODP_B_08 Haina Wang
Genome analysis of Haptolina ericina and Prymnesium kappa virus reveals giant viruses-hosts interaction in the sea
ODP_B_09 Emily Erin Chase
A temporal investigation of viral dynamics in an open industrial microalgal culturing basin.
ODP_B_10 Shuto Ashizawa
Seasonal dynamics of predominant archaeal group MGII and their viruses in Osaka Bay
ODP_B_11 Soichiro Kijima
Myosin genes in NCLDVs: their complex origins and putative functions
ODP_B_12 Keizo Nagasaki
Super-giant molecule of a raphidovirus
ODP_B_13 Ahmed Esmael
Host restriction of two related chloroviruses infecting phylogenetically related Chlorella variabilis strains
ODP_B_15 Ana del Arco
Eco-evolutionary dynamics of a tripartite system along the symbiosis continuum
ODP_B_16 Gur Hevroni
Zooming in on host-virus dynamics of a blooming algae one cell at a time
ODP_B_17 Shang Shen
Viral losses by sunlight exposure in euphotic and aphotic layers of a freshwater lake
ODP_B_18 Sigitas Sulcius
Distribution of cyanophages in the photic zone along a North Pacific latitudinal transect
ODP_B_19 Christopher Bellas
Polinton-like viruses in aquatic ecosystems
ODP_B_20 Harilanto Felana Andrianjakarivony
RNA viral communities as markers of anthropization of the Ebrié Lagoon, Ivory Coast
ODP_B_21 Tomoka Ashitani
Early divergence of Rad50/Mre11 fusion genes from giant viruses
ODP_B_22 Elena Horas
The effects of increasing species interactions on algae-virus coevolution
ODP_B_23 Jose Luis Balcazar
Can bacteriophages contribute to environmental antibiotic resistance?